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Ideas Matter is a consortium of cross-sector enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses and trade associations that aims to expand awareness and promote the benefits of intellectual property (IP). We firmly believe that ideas are important to the economy, important to society, important to companies both large and small.

Trademark, patent, design applications grow world-wide
Date: 11/12/2017
Trademark applications grew a remarkable 16.4% world-wide last year to nearly 7,000,000 world-wide, followed by design-rights applications (up 10.4%) and patent filings (up 8.3%), according to the World Intellectual Property Indicators (WIPI) report just released. Much of this growth in demand for IP protection has been seen in filings in China by Chinese entities, but other IP offices have also experienced growth in filings from domestic and foreign companies and individuals.
IP promotes European trade and investment, which are set to rise with new EU Patent
Date: 28/11/2017
Trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) among the EU’s national member states are already substantial in intellectual-property intensive sectors such as ICT, pharma, medical devices and other technology based sectors, but are set to rise further as the new EU Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) come into effect, according to a new European Patent Office (EPO) study conducted by a team of economists from the EPO, the University of Colorado Boulder and the London School of Economics.
IP and other ‘intangible capital’ provide 30% of the value of manufactured goods
Date: 27/11/2017
Whilst labour and tangible capital such as buildings and machinery are vital for firms to produce and generate income from manufactured goods, ‘intangible capital’ such as technology, branding and other intellectual property now represents 30.4% of the total value derived from manufactured products world-wide.
Innovation and Patenting on the Rise in China
Date: 16/11/2017
Chinese companies are increasingly active users of the patent system to protect their inventions locally and worldwide, as domestic companies in the electronics, machinery, communications and other sectors are upping their investments in R&D and focusing on innovation.
EU IP Office: Thousands of e-shops sell counterfeits using formerly legitimate domains
Date: 27/10/2017
Twenty-seven thousand e-shops have been found selling counterfeit products in four European countries, with the majority of such e-shops using web domains that had previously been registered to other legitimate organisations, including government, business and educational institutions.
Pharma industry and WIPO team up to provide better patent information about medicines
Date: 23/10/2017
This month’s announcement that the UN intellectual property organisation and the international pharmaceutical industry have teamed up to develop an international database of pharma patent data represents a large step towards improving the information needed by agencies charged with making decisions about and procuring medicines in their countries.