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Intellectual Property Challenges for SME's, a Big Data Opportunity?

By Nigel Gibbons, Chairman, UniTech

IP is a challenge for many SME's, regardless of the industry. Establishing patents for original works, such as logos or unique statements, is not particularly straight forward and has been further complicated by the fragmentation of data resources that enable comparisons against existing patents. This places a reliance on expensive patent lawyers and not always with any guarantees of success.

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Q&A: Steve Lindsey, CEO, Lontra

By Ideas Matter

Taking this month's Q&A hot seat, Ideas Matter meets with Steve Lindsey, CEO of Lontra. The UK-based Cleantech start-up company behind the revolutionary Blade CompressorTM. a device that converts power. Unlike other compressors, it uses a rotating blade instead of the traditional 'up and down' motion, giving it the ability to vary flow and pressure with minimal efficiency loss.

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Educating digital natives

By Caroline Jenner, CEO of Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise Europe

Guest blog from Caroline Jenner, CEO of Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise Europe. She tells us all about the importance of nurturing STEM subjects to help drive innovation in young people today.

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Innovation Convention 2014

By Ideas Matter

The second edition of the Innovation Convention, organized by the European Commission, took place in Brussels on the 10th and 11th of March. We were there to look for fresh new ideas from European policymakers and the young generation of innovators.

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The European Patent Office Unveils Annual Results

By Ideas Matter

Today, the European Patent Office (EPO) presented its Annual Report at a Press Conference in Brussels, revealing technology trends, leading applicants and innovation rankings.

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