What’s New in Tech Innovation? Mobile ECGs

By Ideas Matter

Robots, drones, medical advancements, cloud services, and personal apps of all sorts – thousands of new tech innovations were on display at the recent CEBIT Fair in Hannover, Germany. Ideas Matter will be highlighting some of these innovations in this and upcoming blogs and videos, and asking the question how small and large company developers are using intellectual property to help them fund, protect and commercialise these clever ideas. Today we look at the mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) developed by CardioSecur.

In Ideas Matters’ video interview at CEBIT, Felix Brand, Managing Director and Founder of Frankfurt start-up CardioSecur, demonstrated and explained their company’s innovations.  Users can plug specially configured ECG leads into a mobile telephone, and use CardioSecur’s phone app to compare their current and previous readings to learn whether their ECG is in a normal range or whether a doctor should be called. 

Brand describes how CardioSecure has secured patent protection for its inventions related to the ECG electrode configuration, which ensure that consumers get a correct ECG result even if they connect the electrodes incorrectly.

CardioSecur’s mobile ECG reflects a trend of independence for people in managing their health care, and in gaining better information and control, said Brand.  Given the highly structured system of health care, “it’s quite hard for people, in that very moment when they’re having sensations and symptoms in their heart and are unsure about it, to get to a physician quickly.  They have to organise an appointment, they have to travel from A to B, and it’s a big question whether it’s worth the effort,” Brand explained.

“You want to bring technology onto the scene to make life much easier, and get a diagnosis and therapy management that is effective,” he said.

To see Ideas Matters’ full video interview with CardioSecur, click here. For more information about CardioSecur, see their website here