What’s new in tech innovation? Automated home beer brewing!

By Ideas Matter

A do-it-yourself beer making machine from Budapest’s Brewie company was one of the thousands of new tech innovations on display at the CEBIT Fair in Hannover, Germany this year.

Ideas Matter's video interview with Brewie co-founder and CEO Marcell Pal highlights this start-up company’s innovations, and how the company is using intellectual property to help fund, protect and commercialise these clever ideas.

Brewie’s automated beer brewing device was developed by Marcell Pal and his two co-founders, who have been friends for a long time and used to brew their own beer.  “We came up with an idea to avoid all the hassle part of beer brewing, and keep the fun part of beer brewing,” said Pal.

The device allows a user to add malt, hops, yeast, water, and other ingredients, and to set the device to brew beer automatically according to pre-programmed or custom beer recipes.  Brewie has secured patent and trademark protection for its innovations and branding, explained Pal.

Brewie’s device reflects a further development in the trend of ‘craft beer’ brewing, says Pal.  Craft beer consumption, particularly in the U.S., has experienced more than double-digit growth annually for the past seven years, and now represents more than 20% of the U.S. market.  Says Pal, “There is a great interest for a product like this.” 

The ‘start-up scene’ in Hungary for companies like Brewie is still relatively small, says Pal, “but it is growing very fast.  We see more software and hardware companies being founded every month, and you can find lots of interesting things going on.”

To see Ideas Matters’ full video interview with Brewie’s Marcell Pal, click here. For more information about Brewie, see their website here