What’s new in tech innovation? Holographic apps!

By Ideas Matter

Three-dimensional, holographic application programs from Belgium’s Cronos Groep were among the new tech innovations on display at this month’s EU Digital Festival in Brussels.

Ideas Matter’s video interview with Cronos’s Wouter Baetens highlights the company’s work using holographic technologies, and how the company deals with intellectual property and confidential information in developing applications for its customers.

Cronos, founded in 1991, has organised itself as an ‘incubator’ of 300 small companies that each deal with a certain type of technology.  At the Digital Festival, Baetan was demonstrating a ‘space shuttle launch’ program developed by Cronos’s company that specialises in applications for the Microsoft Hololens, and showing how such holographic programs interact with the environment around a user and can be controlled using voice commands and hand motions.

Cronos is finding that businesses want custom applications using this holographic technology in a number of areas—for example, in testing and maintenance, inventory management, training, construction, architectural design and other 3D modeling tasks.

As an independent contractor, the company develops custom applications for its customers, says Baetan, so intellectual property in the applications is normally owned by the customer, with flexibility for Cronos to use its know-how on other projects without exact copying from earlier projects.  Non-disclosure agreements are also vital in Cronos’s relations with customers.

“We’re in the middle of a digital transformation,” says Baetan. “We see that this augmented reality technology is definitely here to stay, and that large companies are already starting to apply corporate budgets to this very new technology.”

To see Ideas Matters’ full video interview with Cronos’s Wouter Baetens, click here. For more information about Cronos, see their website here