"Brands in Motion"

By Ideas Matter

An interesting new report and study from public relations firm WE Communications describes how the public perception and performance of trademarked brands is increasingly a dynamic rather than a static phenomenon requiring ‘brand motion’ rather than simply ‘brand positioning’.

Whilst factors such as competition, regulation, culture and crisis have always affected a brand’s value and perception over time, current market disruptions and dislocations can give brand owners even less control over things that make their brand or company look obsolete.  Keeping the brand ‘in motion’, rather than merely letting external forces be exerted on the brand, is vital, says the report.

Among the findings of the report’s survey of 16,500 consumers and B2B decision-makers in the UK, the US and China:

- Consumers generally believe that a brand can provide stability (42%-61%).

- Being ‘cutting edge’ leads to positive brand outcomes (60%-63%).

- Being active on issues important to consumers—providing social value—improves brand perception (49%-68%).

- Consumers that generally ‘love’ an industry would quickly shame a brand that steps out of line (90%).

- Consumers often have inconsistent views on a brand.  For example, 6 out of 10 consumers say they ‘hate’ brands in the ‘health and wellness’ area, but cannot live without them.

For further information, see WE Communications’ website here, and the full report here