Brewie - Ideas Matter Interview

A do-it-yourself beer making machine from Budapest’s Brewie company was one of the thousands of new tech innovations on display at the CEBIT Fair in Hannover, Germany this year. Ideas Matter’s interview with Brewie co-founder and CEO Marcell Pal highlights this start-up company’s innovations, and how the company is using intellectual property to help fund, protect and commercialise these clever ideas.

Ideas Matter - Haydn Evans World IP Day

Ideas Matter interview CPA Global’s Haydn Evans, who explains how innovation is getting faster, intellectual property (IP) protection is used more often and in more diverse ways, and IP management is becoming more efficient and moving to the Cloud.

CardioSecur - Ideas Matter Interview

Ideas Matter interviews Felix Brand, Managing Director and Founder of Frankfurt start-up CardioSecur at CEBIT who demonstrates and explains the company’s innovations.

IP, Brexit and Beyond - IPAN Seminar

Highlights from IPAN’s recent seminar on the potential impact of Brexit on intellectual property in the UK, which featured a wide spectrum of government, industry and academic participants.

Creativity Works Event Highlights

The Role of Intellectual Property In Europe's Knowledge Economy

Dr Sanandaji describes how not only patent, trademark and copyright intensive sectors but virtually every other business sector now directly and indirectly depends on the value of intellectual property.