World IP Day: The innovation imperative

By Ideas Matter

With today being marked as ‘World IP Day’ in more than 75 events all over the world, CPA Global’s Haydn Evans explains in a new video interview with Ideas Matter how innovation is getting faster, intellectual property (IP) protection is used more often and in more diverse ways, and IP management is becoming more efficient and moving to the Cloud.

Some of the trends that Evans sees are as follows:

- The ‘Innovation Imperative’:  “Corporates are absolutely increasing their focus on innovation… They are looking to do as much innovation as possible, done off the back of solid research and development work.”

- Greater reliance on IP:  “There’s a great deal of competition to see that you get the best protection as soon as possible…. We’re seeing that in the huge amount of patent filing that is taking place.  In 2015, there were 2.9 million global filings, which is something like one every five minutes.”

- More efficient IP management: “The management of IP has traditionally been a very manually intensive process…. Technology is now ensuring that things can be done much more efficiently.  There is a trend for IP management to move up into the Cloud, which enables a whole load of other activities and integrations that will mean that you can manage your IP more effectively.”

Evans concludes the interview, “On this World Intellectual Property Day, we can reflect upon the huge growth in innovation, and in intellectual property protection as well.  It’s becoming more and more important for companies to carefully manage their innovation and to get the best return they can for their corporations.”

To view Ideas Matters’ full video interview with Evans, see here. For more information on CPA Global, see their website here.  For a roundup of World IP Day activities around the world, see WIPO’s information on Innovation: Improving Lives here