What’s new in tech innovation? Virtual reality applications.

By Ideas Matter

Computer and phone apps using virtual reality, augmented reality and holograms are among the innovations offered by Belgium-based start-up Altheria Solutions, which says that intellectual property protections are very important to its business.

Ideas Matter interviewed Altheria’s CEO Cyprien de Barros and Chief Creative Officer Can-David Koycu at the recent Brussels Tech Summit.  You can watch our feature video of this interview here

Altheria Solution began operations two years ago, and develops software applications for companies, educational users and general consumers.  Its products include self-contained apps developed from the ground up, as well as their Logia software tools that allow customers to develop their own VR apps. 

For example, Altheria’s programs allow users to learn and use mathematical concepts by providing an “immersive, interactive and intuitive experience” that encourages an “instinctive education and knowledge transfer,” says de Barros.  Altheria’s programs work with all kinds of virtual-reality headsets, including the HTC Vive, Google Cardboard and Microsoft Hololens, and can even allow users to experience 3D presentations using their own simple smartphone.

Altheria Solutions began working with the Université libre de Bruxelles and the European Parliament a year ago, and is now working on projects with other customers as it seeks funding to further the development of its business. 

In terms of intellectual property, “we think it’s really important to protect our code, our design and everything related to Altheria,” says Koycu.  “It defines who we are and what we do.”

What would the Altheria team say to other start-ups that hope to enter the tech business?  “Never give up.  Keep working, and have faith in what you do and who you are!,” says Koycu.

To see more of Ideas Matter’s interview with Altheria Solutions’ team and a view of some of their apps, see our feature video here. For more information about Altheria Solutions, see their website here.  The Brussels Tech Summit website is here