A Basic Literacy about IP Rights is Essential. New Video: Intellectual Property Awareness Summit

By Ideas Matter

“Everyone can understand something about intellectual property rights,” says Bruce Berman, chairman of the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU) in a new Ideas Matter/CIPU feature video.Given the importance of innovation and creation in today’s market, says Berman, “a basic awareness, a literacy if you will, about IP rights is really essential.”

The video features interviews with business, academic and government participants at the recent Intellectual Property Awareness Summit (IPAS 2017) in Chicago, and among other things explores the growing interest of governments internationally in helping to promote innovation and economic growth through effective IP protection. 

“IP is important because it really provides the root for innovation,” noted Patrick Kilbride of the US Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Policy Center. “Nations that have focussed on development have adopted stronger IP systems,” said David Teece of the University of California Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

The importance of intellectual property education for school children, as well as business and technical students at universities and even business executives, is also explored in interviews with several participants. “Students sometimes ‘get it’ a lot more than we do, especially at an early age,” said Joyce Ward, the US Patent & Trademark Office’s Director of Education and Outreach. 

“Intellectual assets and intellectual property are critical to what is going on at the research level with faculty and with regard to what we are teaching students, whether it is in the college of engineering, the law school, or the institute of design,” said Mickie Piatt of the Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology. 

“I think the economies of the world have realised that the market is controlled by innovation and invention,” summed up Judge Randall Rader (ret.). “That requires research, that requires development of new ideas and resources, and of course those investments need protection.  That’s where the intellectual property system pays benefits.” 

To view the feature video, click here. For more information on IPAS 2017, see the event website or the CIPU website.  The full video recordings of the conference can be viewed here.