IP PACT - Using Intellectual Property to Benefit Patients and Society
Building a Culture of Trade Secret Protection
Get It Right - Stan McCoy, MPA
Making Intellectual Property Understanding a Priority - IPAS 2020
Innovation in the UK Motor Industry - World IP Day
Intellectual Property Literacy Matters: IP Awareness Summit 18


About Ideas Matter

Ideas Matter is a consortium of cross-sector enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses and trade associations that aims to expand awareness and promote the benefits of intellectual property (IP). We firmly believe that ideas are important to the economy, important to society, important to companies both large and small.

The Importance of Intellectual Property for Innovation and Society: Getting the Message Out
Date: 22/11/2021
It is so important for people to understanding the workings and benefits of intellectual property – not just governments, businesses, and intellectual property (IP) experts, but also people across society more generally.
Copyright Protection and Graphic Design
Date: 02/09/2021
Many designers do not spend a lot of time thinking about copyright protection, but just do their work creating designs and think that things like copyright law are for big businesses with expensive lawyers! As much as it might not be at the front of mind for some creative workers, copyright is important.
IP PACT: Using Intellectual Property to Benefit Patients and Society
Date: 27/05/2021
More than 25 biopharmaceutical companies recently launched the IP PACT – IP Principles for Advancing Cures and Therapies – with the objective of explaining how patient and societal interest are at the core of their approach to intellectual property, and how they intend to maintain this focus as they invent and develop new innovations to advance the field of medicine.
How Intellectual Property Impacts Healthcare Development and Innovation
Date: 17/03/2021
The healthcare industry is growing to be one of the most impactful markets of the 21st century. The COVID-19 pandemic skyrocketed investments into transformative medical technology and as the world begins to recover, more innovation will be expected of the healthcare world to help curb future pandemics.

When it comes to innovation in the healthcare development sector, intellectual property plays a vital role in how new technologies and devices emerge in the industry. Here’s how intellectual property laws play a role in healthcare development and why it’s important to utilize them.
Going Beyond the Contract: Building a Trade Secret Protection Culture
Date: 04/03/2021
For many companies in every industry, a digital transformation is underway, as they seek to develop a competitive advantage through new digital innovations and rely more heavily on digital data. This digital transformation is creating an enormous amount of new confidential information – much that should be considered and protected as trade secrets. It is thus increasingly important for companies to build a systematic, effective culture of protecting trade secrets – well beyond mere document marking and non-disclosure agreements.
Get It Right! Getting Legitimate Content Online is Important, Especially During the Pandemic
Date: 08/12/2020
There has been a spike in online consumption of film, television and other content since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, and unfortunately some of this has been coming from sites offering such content illegally, even for a fee.

The Motion Picture Association’s EMEA president and managing director Stan McCoy discussed this problem in a recent video interview with Ideas Matter, and explained why it is important to “Get It Right”—to access online content from legitimate sites—particularly during the pandemic.