Women and Intellectual Property - Accelerating Innovation and Creativity

The Intellectual Property Awareness Network's recent World IP Day event highlighted the role of women in innovation and creativity, and the importance that a good understanding and use of intellectual property has in helping women inventors and entrepreneurs succeed.

Unprecedented: Intellectual Property and COVID-19

What role did intellectual property play in helping find solutions for COVID-19?

IP PACT - Using Intellectual Property to Benefit Patients and Society

More than 25 biopharmaceutical companies recently launched the IP PACT, to explain how patient and societal interest are at the core of their approach to intellectual property, and how they intend to maintain this focus as they develop new innovations to advance the field of medicine.

Building a Culture of Trade Secret Protection

Ethisphere's Craig Moss explains that protecting your company's 'crown jewels' effectively needs to be more than simply doing non-disclosure agreements and marking documents as confidential.

Get It Right - Stan McCoy, MPA

Get It Right! Motion Picture Association EMEA president Stan McCoy discusses the importance of getting legitimate content online, especially during the #COVID pandemic. @MPAEurope @motionpictures @GetItRight.

Making Intellectual Property Understanding a Priority - IPAS 2020

Seminars and interviews with business, government and academic experts at the Center for IP Understanding's IPAS 2020 explore gaps in people's understanding of intellectual property, why this is important, and what can be done to improve IP awareness.